General Conditions of the Tickets Sales

The sale tunnel on the uses the Belle Savoie Express sale device.

This section concerns the General Conditions of the Ticket Sale.
The General Transport Conditions are applicable to the service provided by the bus company in charge of your trip. They are available by clicking here.


Each of the terms mentioned below shall have the following meaning throughout these General Conditions (hereafter referred to as “the General Conditions”):

“e-Ticket”: refers to the digital tickets. The e-tickets can be displayed on a screen (Smartphone, tablet, etc.) or printed on an A4 sized paper (colour copy or black and white).

“Transporter”: Passenger transport company which offers bus connections between different destinations, attached to the Belle Savoie express bus service. The bus tickets may thus be purchased through the Belle Savoie express reservation centre in the covered territories. Tansport tickets may be thus purchased through the Belle Savoie Express reservation centre in the covered territories.

“Reservation centre Service for presentation of transport offers from Transporters referred to by Belle Savoie express and for the sale and shipment, on behalf of these Transporters, the transportation tickets issued for them. This service concerns the bus connections between differentes destinations by Belle Savoie Express. It is provided by Belle Savoie Express and can be accessed online on the website or by telephone by calling the Customer Relations centre operators (at + 33 (0)47 975 3613).

“Customer relations centre”: The call centre where calls from customers who wish to access the Reservation centre services via telephone are received. The phone number is +33 47 975 3613 or by email at

“Customer”: Physical person, not acting in a professional capacity, who uses the Reservation centre services. The Customer declares that it is capable of finalising the General Conditions, i.e. being a legal adult and not requiring tutorship or guardianship.

“Transport ticket or Ticket(s)”: Refer to e-tickets.


Article 2. PURPOSE

2.1 The purpose of the General Conditions is to inform the conditions of the supply to Customers of the service provided by the Reservation centre such as defined in Article 1 above (presentation of offers from Transporters, sale and shipment of tickets). They are applicable to all of the orders placed with the Transporters via the Belle Savoie Express reservation centre.

The purpose of the General Conditions is not to govern the conditions of the transport contracts concluded between the Customers and each Transporter through Belle Savoie Express, which are governed by the conditions of transport of each Transporter in question, as is stated in Article 9 below.

2.2. The order for Transport tickets using the Belle Savoie Express reservation centre is only intended for Customers who have read and accepted the General Conditions, by ticking the box during the online reservation process or by giving oral consent via telephone.

The fact that the Customer has paid for his order implies acceptance without reservations of the General Conditions in their entirety.



3.1 Belle Savoie Express provides its Customers with a system for viewing offers from various Transporters regarding bus connections available between the bus terminals and regional airports and the primary touristic destinations and winter sports centres.

These offers particularly specify the routes in question (destination – departure place, date, time) and the current rates.

The Customer, after reading the transport offers as well as the General Conditions of Sale on the Website, has the option of purchasing and paying for the selected Transport tickets.

3.2 The Belle Savoie Express reservation centre service can be accessed through the website 24 hours à day, 7 days à week. Nevertheless, owing to the nature of the Internet, Belle Savoie Express cannot guarantee a complete lack of interruptions in the functioning of the Service, and thus declines any liability in this regard.

Similarly, it is not guaranteed that the Belle Savoie Express website will be free of any computer anomalies or bugs, or that these will be resolved. It is not guaranteed that the site will function without any interruptions or breakdowns, or that it will be compatible with a particular hardware or configuration other than which is expressly validated by Belle Savoie Express.

In no case shall Belle Savoie Express be held liable for any type of foreseeable or unforeseeable damage resulting from the use or from the complete or partial impossibility of using the Belle Savoie Express website.

The Customer declares that it is aware of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and in particular, its technical performances, response times for viewing, interrogating or transferring data and the risks related to the security of communications.

The Customer declares that it has verified that the computer configuration that it uses does not contain any virus and that is in perfect operating condition.

The Customer acknowledges and expressly declares that it renounces all claims regarding any possible direct or indirect damages that may result because of interruption of service.

3.3. The Belle Savoie Express reservation centre service may also be accessed via telephoning the Customer relations centre, on working days, in winters from Monday to Saturday from 08:00 to 19:00 hours (January 1st and December 25th included) at +33 4 79 75 36 13.


4.1 The customer can place an order for Transport tickets via the Reservation centre up to the time of departure. The period for purchasing an e-ticket may vary among transporters: from 48 hours to the last minute.

For the bus departure from airport of Chambery to the Tarentaise and the Maurienne resorts, the reservation may be done up to the time of departure, provided that seats are available in the bus in question going towards the Ski stations. From the Ski resorts or bus terminals towards airports, the tickets for the airport at Chambery  must be reserved at the latest 48 hours before the date of departure, via the site

On the regular tourist lines of the Belle Savoie Express network, People with Reduced Mobility who require suitable transport are transported using special vehicles, only on Saturday, and at the same times as regular lines.

The service is ensured only for prior reservations, at the latest 7 days before the departure, by calling +33 479 753 613.

The e-tickets are sent via e-mail to the address indicated by the Customer; payment can be done by card.

The e-tickets may be modified according to Article 7 of these General Conditions of Sale.

The e-tickets may be reimbursed according to Article 8 of these General Conditions of Sale.

4.2 The customer may place its order via telephone with the Customer relations centre or online on the www.vente-bellesavoieexpress website.

In any event, it has the following choices:

– places of departure and arrival

– dates and times

– number and category of travellers

The Customer must then provide some information (particularly regarding the identity of the travellers); it undertakes to provide reliable and authentic information during the various stages of the order.

4.3 In the event of an order via the website, the Customer will mark its acceptance of General Conditions of sale by ticking the box provided for this purpose.

The customer will be shown a summary at the end of the order. The latter may then confirm its order by clicking on the corresponding box and carry out its payment online. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify their shopping cart before paying for the reservation. In case of an error message during payment, the Customer may contact the Customer Relations Centre.

After the order, you will receive a digital confirmation of the order.

For informational purposes, the e-ticket is generated and automatically sent to the customer’s email address instantly. However, certain technical constraints may slow down the process, and the receipt of the e-ticket by the Customer may take a few hours. In the event there is an anomaly or if the e-ticket is not received via email, the Customer must contact (by telephone or email) the Belle Savoie Express Customer relations centre before the departure (+ 33 4 79 68 32 96 or

The Customer is obligated to show his e-ticket when boarding the bus. The ticket must be retained throughout the journey. The e-ticket may either be printed on an A4 size paper or shown on a screen (Smartphone, tablet, etc,) provided that it is clearly readable. All illegible e-tickets (whether it’s a bad quality print or the Smartphone battery runs out) shall be refused and the Customer must pay for another ticket to travel.

The order confirmation email and the payment acknowledgement cannot be shown instead of a ticket.

4.4. In case of a telephone order via the Customer relations centre, the operator shall provide an oral summary of the order to the Customer to which the latter has to agree for the order to be effectively registered. An order number will be communicated to the Customer.

The Transport ticket(s) will be sent by email to the Customer, to the address mentioned during the order, once Belle Savoie Express receives payment for the order from the Customer.

In the event the Customer does not receive the tickets, the latter must contact the Belle Savoie Express Customer relations centre (+33 4 79 68 32 96) in the appropriate time frame before the departure. The requests for re-sending tickets shall not be processed on the day of the departure. No reimbursement will be provided on the day of departure in case tickets are not received.


5.1 The Transporters’ rates mentioned on the website or by the operators in the Customer relations centre shall be in Euros and inclusive of taxes.

The Transporters’ rates are likely to be modified:

– for the lines in the Belle Savoie express network: once a year in September

The rate applicable for a given order is the one in force at the time of the journey.

5.2 Orders placed via the website have to be paid using cards (Debit card, VISA, MASTERCARD) exclusively through an SSL secure payment portal. Belle Savoie Express has adopted the SSL encryption process, which ensures the reliability of exchanges and transactions by encryption all private data necessary for the order, such as addresses, e-mail and bank details, when they are entered. The accepted bank cards are identified by an icon at the time of payment.

5.3 Orders placed via the Customer relations centre required payment by card during the order.

5.4 The Transport tickets are sent only after the order is completely paid for.


6.1 In compliance with Article L121-16-1)9° of the consumer code, the retraction period of 14 days is not applicable to orders placed pursuant to the application of these Conditions.

The Customer’s order is fixed, definitive and irrevocable, after it pays the amount, subject to the contents of Articles 7 and 8 below.

6.2 Through express agreement, the data obtained from the Article computer system constitute written accounts within the meaning of Article 1316-1 of the civil code, since the link between these data and the Customer to which they belong is assumed till proof is provided to the contrary. They thus constitute proof among the Parties and may be enforced against them in the same manner and under the same conditions, and with the same legal status as any document which may have been physically written and signed by the Parties.



By exemption to the contents of Article 6 above, the Customer may request the modification of the time and date of his reservation in certain cases:

For the regular lines on the Belle Savoie express network (except the line departing from the Chambery airport), modification is possible before the reserved date of departure, by visiting and the section “Modify my ticket”, subject to availability of seats on the bus for the new timing and booking delay.

The Customer can contact the Customer relations centre (by email at or at +33 (0)4 79 75 36 13) and communicate his order number and the desired modifications.

Modifications for Monday or the day after a holiday shall be carried out 48 hours before departure.

The ticket may be modified at the latest 48 hours before the date of departure here.

Belle Savoie Express shall do its best to carry out the desired modification depending on the availability with the Transporter in question. However, Belle Savoie Express shall not guarantee that the modification will be made every time.

A modified ticket cannot be reimbursed. Any other modification request (number of places, place of departure/arrival, etc.) will be considered as a cancellation. 


8.1.      By exemption to Article 6 above, in case of an order placed through the Reservation centre for tickets dispatched by Belle Savoie Express, the Customer may cancel his reservation by mail (at Altibus – 926 ave de la Houille Blanche – 73000 Chambéry – France) or e-mail (at only, and request the reimbursement of the amounts paid for the Transport ticket(s) depending on the General Conditions of Sale which may be consulted here. The cancellation request will be taken into consideration on the date of receipt of the mail from the Customer. The mail Tickets enclosed with the cancellation request letter must not be modified, scratched or altered in any manner. This is a condition precedent for reimbursement.

A modified ticket cannot be reimbursed.

Round trip tickets cannot be separated. Modifications or refunds are to be applied on the whole booking. Therefore, it is impossible to modify or refund one single passenger or trip within a booking. 

Conditions of cancellation for Belle Savoie express e-tickets (E-tickets starting with MOU, MAR, BSM, ,DOU, FSA, AIM, MOD, TNG)

More than 15 calendar days before departure Reimbursement: 95% of the cart amount
From 8 to 15 calendar days before departure Reimbursement: 85% of the cart amount
 7 calendar days before the departure Reimbursement: 50% of the card amount


Reimbursement will not be provided if the date of receipt of the written cancellation request is the day or later than the planned travel date (in case of a round trip, only the first date of travel matters).


The Customer acknowledges that does not provide transport to the Customer, but only provides reservation and sales services stated in Article 3; its role is thus limited to selling the tickets of relevant Transporters.

Consequently, the Customer acknowledges that:

–       That orders passed through the Reservation Center or the Customer relation center has completely fulfilled its obligations by providing the Customer with Transport tickets which are compliant with the order summary sent through e-mail in case of an order placed online, or communicated orally by the operator in case of a telephone order.

–       Belle Savoie Express does not accept any liability as regards the execution of the transport, which is the exclusive responsibility of the Transporters in question.

The general transport conditions are available by clicking on this link.

The Customer thus undertakes to exclusively direct any dispute or claim related to the conditions of execution of the transport towards the Transporter in question.



10.1 In compliance with the “Computers and Freedoms” law, the Belle Savoie Express portal  is subject to declaration with the CNIL under no. 826413.

10.2 The information gathered as part of the Reservation centre service is intended for the exclusive use of Belle Savoie Express. It allows Belle Savoie Express to send Customers their Tickets and to inform them about new services.

On the other hand, this information cannot be transferred to third parties other than the transporter in any event without express authorization from the Customers.

10.3 In compliance with the provisions of the Computers and Freedoms law, each Customer has the option of accessing data which they have entered during the reservation, and to modify or delete said data. The Customer may carry out these operations by sending an email to the address, or sending a letter to Altibus, 926, avenue de la Houille Blanche, 73000 CHAMBERY.

If you do not wish to receive information from Val Thorens Tourism Office, you can write an email to or or write a letter to Altibus, 926, Avenue de la Houille Blanche, 73000 Chambéry.


Belle Savoie Express cannot be held liable if the execution of the General Conditions is delayed or prevented owing to a case of force majeure, or an act of god, attributable to the other party or a third party, or to external causes such as social conflicts or strikes, intervention of civil or military authorities, fires, flood damage, improper functioning or interruption of the telecommunications or electrical network, etc.

In any event, Belle Savoie Express shall take its best efforts to limit the duration of the effects of acts of god, force majeure or external causes.


The accessible elements of the website, such as its information, trademarks, texts, images, photographs, maps, sounds and videos are protected under the rights of intellectual property.

The reproduction or representation of all or part of any of these elements is strictly prohibited without prior written authorisation from the right-holder.


13.1 Belle Savoie Express reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of the General Conditions. The new clauses will be applicable to all the reservations made after their entry into force and only the new version shall prevail among the parties.

13.2 The General Conditions express all the obligations of the parties. No other general or special condition can be included in the General Conditions without express authorisation from Belle Savoie Express.

13.3 In the event one of the provisions in these conditions is considered as null and void owing to a legal or regulatory provision, present or future, or a court ruling carrying the authority for the matter judged and originating from a competent jurisdiction or organisation, this provision shall be considered as unwritten, and all other provisions of the General Conditions shall retain their mandatory nature among the Parties.


The General Conditions are governed by French law. Any related dispute shall be referred to the competent court.

La Région vous transporte

Savoie’s Regional Transport Office

1 rue des Cévennes
Cs 40850
73008 Chambéry

Tel: +33 4 26 73 34 11


La Région vous transporte

Savoie’s Regional Transport Office

1 rue des Cévennes
Cs 40850
73008 Chambéry

Tel: +33 4 26 73 34 11